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"Build The Time Management, Team Building, And Automation Foundation You Need To Grow Your Business
...without spending years figuring it all out on your own"
Adam Moody
Founder - Productivity Academy
From: Adam Moody
Located: Palo Alto, CA
If you're serious about starting, growing, or expanding your own business in today's world you need a solid foundation more than ever...

I'll explain why in a minute.

If you're feeling the "crunch" from too many projects, overwhelmed by tasks on your to do list, and wondering what you should really be focusing on...

Then The Foundation will be the most important purchase you make.

That's a pretty bold claim, isn't it?

But, if you're the type that knows how to take some of the most valuable information available and take ACTION so that you can get faster and better results day in and day out...this is for you.

If you're not willing to take action and spend 30 minutes per week in order to save hours, build a team, and see big changes, the please DO NOT GET THE FOUNDATION.

The Foundation, like many successful guidebooks, distills years of experience combining timeless fundamentals with 21st century systems to create The Foundation Framework that will get you results day in and day out.
Your ability to focus and get repeatable results (a.k.a. setting and achieving goals, staying focused on short & long term goals, building a great team, and more) will determine your revenue and contentment.

Let me repeat part of that.

Get Repeatable Results...

If you're a bit like me, you started out, or are starting out, with techniques and "hacks" that work in specific settings or for a short period of time but they don't cover all areas and won't work as you grow.

Which could turn into a HUGE problem.

But it doesn't have to.
This is good news.

With one simple choice you can read The Foundation from start to finish and start seeing the changes you want.

OR, you can bury your head in the sand and ignore the problems and hope that they go away on their own.

In the end, it's up to you - I just want to show you the fastest, easiest path to get the results you want.

More Focus.

Knowing what project to work on.

Managing your time more easily.

Having a Daily plan that really works.

Harnessing automation to save you time.

Becoming more organized and dependable.
Here's A Glimpse Of What You'll Find In Your Foundation:
  • Action Plan: Every section gives you specific steps to turn the ideas into results - Multiple Pages
  • Your Day Detailed: Daily Review to start the day right and get you results from the start - Page 9
  • Time Management A to Z: Use these steps to get on top of & properly manage your time - Page 19
  • Done With Distractions: Banish distractions with these steps - Page 23
  • Achieving Goals: Start here and move quickly into big goal setting & achieve them - Page 27
  • Focus Finder: Use this tool to find out what you should be focusing on right now - Page 31
  • Build Your Team: Create the team you want to help you and your business grow - Page 33
  • Put It To Work: Use Automations laid out for you to start saving time today..and tomorrow...and every day after - Page 39
  • Supercharge It All: Put this plan into effect to supercharge your Foundation - Page 41
About The Productivity Academy
I started the Productivity Academy in 2015 to help others discover their own great productivity so that you can achieve those lofty goals - a better business, more revenue, more time to spend doing what you truly love.

I'm a product of The Foundation - the lessons and systems contained within are built from the years spent building my own businesses with teams of 1 to dozens producing training, business automation, and more. 

My goal is to continue to build businesses that provide the results I want, while reducing distractions, wasted time, frustration, and stress so that I can be successful while enjoying trail running, traveling, grilling outside on nice days, and reading great books.
What Do You Want?
My Guarantee To You
If you do not see the results you want within 30 days after applying The Foundation I'll give you a 100% refund no questions asked. You can keep your copy AND the bonuses.
Bonuses? As A Foundation Purchaser, You'll Also Enjoy These Bonuses For FREE:

Travel Made Productive

Use this system to get more done while traveling when you have less time & energy.

Down & Dirty Guide To Meetings

Find out how to change them into productive and quick meetups that get real results.

The Right Tools For Your Business

Use this process to cut the confusion and get the right tools for your team.
And there's more waiting for The Foundation purchasers in the private members area...
P.S. If you quickly scrolled's the details. I'm offering you The Foundation that will help you with:
  • Managing Your Time: Organize, manage, and direct your time effectively to get the results and goals you want.
  • Building A Team: Create the A-team you want to support your mission.
  • Automating: Start saving time, money, and energy immediately with life-changing automation.

I'm convinced The Foundation will add so much value to you and your business you'll be convinced that this framework will continue to help you grow and you'll share your results and The Foundation with others.

And in the event you don't love it, you can request a full refund within 30 days and still keep your copy.
The Foundation is a distilled framework that comes from years of experience, research, and real world testing.

However, that doesn't mean you'll get the SAME results.

In fact, I guarantee you won't get ANY results IF you're not willing to put in the effort.

If you're looking for a compilation of "life hacks" or a "push button" productivity app please DO NOT GET THE FOUNDATION.
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